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The Application of VCSEL Chip in the Digital and AI Era

Date: April 11, 2024

Location: Room 103, Micro-Nano Electronics Building, Peking University

Event Name: Chip Forum 41st Session

Topic: The Application of VCSEL Chip in the Digital and AI Era


Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) are low-cost enabling laser sources for many applications including optical communications, 3D sensing and optical imaging. In this talk I will review Berxel’s recent advances and commercialization of high-speed 106 Gbps PAM4 VCSELs for datacom applications and high efficiency VCSEL arrays for 3D sensing applications.

I will review recent results of high contrast grating (HCG) VCSELs. With a fixed, high selection ratio in polarization, we show a novel polarization structured light 3D sensor with high depth accuracy in scenes with multiple reflecting surfaces. We show that HCG VCSELs exhibit fewer modes, enabling 3~5 times transmission distance over OM3 multimode fibers for 106G PAM4 modulation signal. Finally, I will also discuss future prospects for advanced applications.


College of Integrated Circuits, Peking University

Integrated Circuit Innovation Center, Peking University

National Integrated Circuit Industry-Education-Research Integration Innovation Platform

Integrated Circuit Science and Future Technology Beijing Laboratory Post-Moore Era Micro-Nano Electronics Discipline Innovation Introduction Base

Peking University Alumni Association Semiconductor Branch